Magnus Forrester designed a set of services adapted to your specific needs and offering the results you want, giving you the competitive edge required in the highly competitive Financial Services market.



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“Our practical experience relies on meticulous search and constant adjustment to an ever-changing  Financial Markets.”


Our professional Executive Search consultants understand attracting and retaining talented individuals for your organisation can have a very significant impact on time and resources.

Initially, Magnus Forrester will arrange a meeting with a Director or relevant Department Head in your organisation to discuss the assignment and gain a clear understanding of the type of candidate required. This way, our Executive Search is tailor-made to insure finding the perfect fit for your company's core competence requirements and culture.

We offer a solution based on a combination of several sourcing methods. Our methods include database searches, referrals, headhunting and mapping when appropriate. We understand the need for discretion and are constantly developing relationships with new talents and rising stars in the financial industry. Our consultants demonstrate professionalism when assessing highly qualified prospects by providing reliable information and realistic advice.


Our executive assessment tools contain skill-based interviews and strict references checks to assess executive performance capacity. This assessment uses extensive methods to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. This allows our client to make appropriate recruitment decisions with total knowledge of the individual’s suitability for the role as well as a clear understanding of where this professional would fit best.

Finding more information about a possible candidate can inefficiently use a manager's or human resource officer's time. This is especially true for sensitive positions that require an in-depth assessment of a candidates skills, experience and abilities.

Our assessments are completed prior to the candidate approaching the position and before an interview, saving valuable time and resources for those working on the search.


Our Board Consulting Solution offers Direct Search and Appraisals. Our consultants offer in-depth competency based assessment and complete 360° references checks offering perfect insight into a candidates abilities and experiences.

Whether the requirements to meet a financial organisation's needs are skill based, geographical, or market specific, Magnus Forrester has the knowledge, contacts and experience to offer outstanding profiles. Candidates, who will meet the unique requirements of a business, while also be able to work well as be part of a cohesive, efficient board.

Our board consultancy service offers a search that's comprehensive, methodical, reliable, and meticulous. This allows companies to build, sustain, or enhance their board while using a minimal resources and time.

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